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Top five things you need to know before landscaping your propertyx

Whether you’re looking to completely reinvent your garden or make some minor changes to suit your lifestyle and hobbies. Maybe you need a child-friendly area or you want to incorporate and how much time do you have to maintain the space? Here are our top five tips to consider before starting your landscaping project:

Who will use this garden space?x

Do you have children or pets? Do you intend on hosting barbeques throughout the summer? Once you’ve thought about this you can create different areas depending on the use. For example, solid floors for people, an area of grass designated for children to play, and toys. Then you can think about where you can plant different types of shrubbery to decide what would work best for you.

Consider Leveling garden slopex

Levelling a garden or part of it can make a modest garden appears larger. Sloping grass is never the best idea as it creates a slippery surface. Considering subtle level changes like installing a terrace, adds a different area in your garden and the different levels will complement each other. The other option would be to excavate your garden if you are looking to create a completely level space. This option will require the expertise of experienced landscapers due to the fact retaining walls, soil removal and a site survey will be required. These are all services P4 services are experienced in.

Select solid surfaces that stand outx

Durability and low maintenance may well be on your list when choosing the harder surfaces for your newly landscaped garden. Choosing natural-looking styles that also flatter the rest of your property. For example, choose colours that compliment a room that leads into your garden, deep reds, earth greys or warm browns are popular and timeless choices  As a general rule, the expert landscaper will usually recommend sticking to a maximum of four different solid surfaces like decking, gravel, or patio paving. Make sure your choices are weatherproof and durable.

Choose an experienced landscaping companyx

If you are planning a complete overhaul of your garden area, it’s recommended you consult an experienced landscaper who can advise you on any building regulations and considerations like soil removal, and if retaining walls are required. They can also assist with the full planning and design of your landscaped garden.

At P4 services as well as being experienced in all areas of construction we also offer various landscaping services including design, planning and installation. We can do this in conjunction with other construction work. For example, constructing a summerhouse or house extension, or as a stand-alone project. We have over 20 years of experience and only use the most qualified trades.

Compliment the garden architecturex

Your landscaped garden is essentially an extension of your home. Usually, the best results are achieved by following the style and lines of your home. Choosing a theme to complement this can help focus your choices when it comes to materials and plants. Ask yourself if you are looking for tidy symmetry with certain shapes, or are you looking for a more natural feel. Do you have a colour theme in mind? Asking yourself these things upfront can make sure your garden looks unified and as planned.

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