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Here are 5 things you need to know before you add a house extension:x

If you are a homeowner you may be craving some extra space, especially after almost a year under lockdown restrictions.  It might be a need for some extra storage or need an extra bedroom to accommodate your growing family. An extension can seem like a good alternative to a full house move and is often more cost-effective. There’s so much to consider when debating if a house extension is the right choice for you, so we’ve put together this list of 5 things you should know before embarking on an extension project:

How Big Should I Build my House Extension?x

When building an extension its easy to get caught up in how much extra square footage you can gain. But keep in mind bigger doesn’t always equal better and using the existing space and building an extension that enhances that area is often a better solution. You can usually build an extension under Permitted development if it meets the following criteria:

  • A single-storey extension can be built up to 8 metres if it’s at the rear of a detached property, this is reduced to 6 metres in the case of semi-detached properties and terraced house.
  • A two-storey extension cannot be closer than 7 metres to the boundary.
  • Side extensions can only be single-story and less or equal to half of the house size.
  • Any extension cannot cover more than half of the garden space.
  • There are many more regulations but these are just a handful of the most important ones!

When considering an extension its recommended you consult a reputable construction company that is experienced in all areas of designing and building house extensions. They will help you plan your construction project and make sure it meets all the required regulations and takes all the factors into consideration.

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What is the party wall act?x

The party wall act allows you to carry out any building and extension work up to the boundary or even on the boundary between your houses. If your project requires any digging work for foundations to be built within 3 metres of a neighbouring property boundary or party wall you’ll need to comply with the party wall act. Though your neighbour cannot stop your building work going ahead its there to protect everyone’s best interests. This may require a surveyor being required to act on your behalf.

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Do house extensions add value?x

The main question to ask yourself here is will your extension add greater value to your property than the cost you will incur as a result of building that extension?

One way to assess is to look at other properties in your local area that are firstly similar to yours without any extensions/extra rooms and compare to those that have had extra work done or are a similar size to that which your home will be after the work is complete. This will give you a good idea of the added value of building an extension. Be aware that there will always be a maximum achievable and realistic value for your postcode area, its also worth consulting a local estate agent who knows the area well to get a feel for the market.

Can I extend above a single storey?x

This is a tricky one because often its found that the single-story isn’t sufficient to take the load of another floor being built on top as it stands. Though it is appealing to build up to create an extra bedroom or a second bathroom. If your existing structure isn’t up to scratch there are options to either underpin the property to strengthen shallow foundations or even bypassing the original structure using a steel frame. Sometimes however the most cost-effective option is to demolish and rebuild..

The importance of building regulations when doing an extensionx

This is essential when building an extension, you’ll need to make sure all the work undertaken adheres to the requirements. In short its there to make sure all the integral parts of the extension are sound. That includes making sure the foundations, roof, flooring, any electrics and drainage are all up to the required standard. The building regulations set out all the important requirements for making sure your extension is structurally sound and is a requirement for all house extensions and loft conversions.

House Extension Building Company in Surreyx

Do you need a builder in Surrey to take on your house extension? P4 Building services can help, Our work is not not only limited to loft conversion builds but also house extension. We take on all aspects of house extension build across Surrey & London. Contact P4 Building services for your next house extension project.

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