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5 Important Factors for Bathroom Renovations x

Updating or renovating your bathroom is an exciting project. Everyone wants a slick clean and fresh looking bathroom that compliments the rest of their home. But bathroom renovations need a robust plan. Otherwise, you can end up having to redo areas or move items around later. We’ve put together this guide to the top five things you need to consider before starting your bathroom renovation:

Bathroom Style & Design x

It’s important to think about what you want the style of your bathroom renovation to be upfront, are you looking to compliment a theme in the rest of your house? Or are you looking for a modern or more traditional feel bathroom? Once you have made a style decision, start mapping out the floor plan of the bathroom. You will know where everything will go and once the big plumbed in items are factored in you can see how much space is left for any additions you want to make (and how they will practically fit within the space) This will make sure you don’t overspend on ill-fitting furniture pieces foe the bathroom and you’ll know exactly what to expect before you spend out on things you don’t need.

Bathroom Storage Requirements x

Storage is something that is often overlooked when planning a new bathroom renovation. Including practical, built-in storage during the design and planning stage of the bathroom renovation can avoid having to make alterations later. Plus storage that is built into the new bathroom always looks that much better than a standalone cabinet brought as an afterthought when you realise you don’t have adequate storage. If you have a small space try and be storage savvy and opt for clever options that fit in small unused spaces for example some built-in niches in the shower to hold your shampoo and shower gel or a wall hanging vanity cabinet that doesn’t take up much space.

New Bathroom Finishing Touches x

Once your renovation work is complete you’ll want to accessorise your new bathroom with little finishing touches – After all, no-one ever puts their old towel rail back up after installing a new bathroom suite. You’ll want to pick items that enhance the features and complement the style you decided on originally. Deciding on what finishing touches you want early in the planning and renovation process can stop you rushing out and making last-minute hasty decisions on items that are not quite what you wanted.

New Bathroom Heating x

When undertaking a new bathroom renovation, it’s a good idea to think ahead about your heating requirements early on. A popular choice for a a new bathroom is a heated towel rail – By installing one, you are ticking two boxes – towel storage, drying space and heating. Another popular consideration for bathrooms is to install underfloor heating, it will keep your bathroom feeling warm and it’s so much nicer to step out of the shower onto a warm floor than cold tiles.

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New Bathroom Space x

Thinking about the space available is key. There are so many big beautiful pieces of bathroom furniture available but they will only work in your bathroom if you have space and its one of the most disappointing feelings to buy something that just doesn’t fit.  When creating your bathroom renovations You’ll want to make sure between the big items you have a comfortable amount of space to hang robes, store toiletries and get ready. Be clever with your storage in smaller spaces, you’ll want to utilise the space without it becoming cluttered.

Bathroom Builders in Surrey x

Do you need a builder in Banstead for a new bathroom? P4 Building services offers bathroom builds. In addition to all our Surrey construction services, we also take on all aspects of bathroom build across Surrey & London. Contact P4 Building services for your bathroom build project.

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